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Scanners from Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd
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Colortrac SGI Series for high quality Images
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Colortrac SGI series scan thick media
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Colortrac SCI series for scanning plans and prints
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Colortrac Scan! Series for portable applications
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Colortrac scan to print packages
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Colortrac Software Options

Colortrac Wide Format Scanners
Colortac SmartLF SGI with CCD cameras
Colortrac SmartLF SGI handles thick media and embossed media
Colortrac SmartLF SCI - the workhorse for all types of scanning
Colortrac SmartLF Scan! - a truely portable scanner
Colortrac Scan to Print packages (MFP) Canon - HP - Epson and more
Colortrac software solutions

Choosing a COLORTRAC Scanner

Colortrac have been building innovative large format scanners since 1989.
The next paragraphs contain our technical sales pitch with information about key innovations within Colortrac wide format scanners. We are very happy to discuss and guide your purchasing decisions.

The current models all use LED lighting to provide rugged, long life, instant on white light while also minimising power consumption.

The SmartLF SGi series employ CCD (Charge Coupled Device) RGB colour cameras which feature the widest colour gamut and tonal rendition. CCD sensors also have a small focal range which means uneven and lightly embossed surfaces can be successfully scanned. Colortrac CCD cameras are compact leading to a compact scanner. CCD Cameras are precisely aligned to ensure all the pixels are in a straight line. To maintain this precision stitching requires some strong construction and hence CCD camera scanners are relatively heavy, less portable.

The SmartLF SCi and SmartLF Scan! Series employ CIS (Contact Image Sensors) which are nowadays a single strip sensor and this inherently results in every scan pixel being correctly aligned at all times. Colortrac CIS sensors exhibit good colour and greyscale performance. The secondary effect is CIS scanners are lighter and CIS scanners can be safely moved without pixel alignment (stitch) failure.
The single CIS sensor made the portable SmartLF Scan! possible and practical.

In both CCD and CIS scanners a clear glass lies between the image sensors and scanned document. Again time has seen significant innovation with modern glass having a smoother, harder surface, resulting in a much more scratch resistant surface. It's a simple fact that many older documents may be dusty and dirty so the hardened glass really helps to minimise wear.

Mechanical and electronic innovations are well supported by 30 years of continuous advances with software. One aim is a make the software really easy to use and ensure that general scanning can be a walk in and use service. A second aim is to get a great scan from many types of images. Take blue prints for instance. Most blue prints are uneven across the surface. Customers would like the same output as from a black line pen plot. So Colortrac software offers special features for positive and negative blue prints. Some maps are printed from 3 to 5 colours arranged in dot patterns. Again Colortrac software offers features to minimise moire effects between the image dots and sensor pixels. Everyone loves a great a sky with a myriad of subtle tonal changes. Rendering this type of detail is optimised with high resolution CCD scanners and Colortrac professional software. To achieve all these objectives Colortrac offers 3 Windows based software products, TWAIN and Printer drivers, Apple and Android applications.

All this feature building can result in some complexity for a new user and the Colortrac website has a number of videos to help a user understand the wide range of image types the software features provided to create an excellent scanned image.
(Copy this link "https://www.colortrac.com/videos/")
Take another look at the Colortrac logo. It is a graphic reminder printers create round dots and scanners (and cameras) create square dots and Colortrac scanners can handle that.



Ideal for scanning…
Thick Media, Technical, Maps, Artwork, Photographs.

The SmartLF SGi scanner series gives you the benefit of CCD quality imaging.

  • SmartLF SGi thick-media scanners deliver full high-definition.
  • Perfect for any type of document
  • Realistic colour and excellent size accuracy.
  • Accepts thick media up to 15 mm.
  • Designed for high volume.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Choose between 36" and 44".



Ideal for scanning…
Technical, Maps, Posters, Photographs.

The SmartLF SCi delivers quality and speed for everyday and volume scanning tasks.

  • Perfect for engineering, construction, line drawings, maps and plans.
  • Vibrant color and excellent size accuracy.
  • SingleSensor™ technology for precise, enduring image quality.
  • SUREDRIVE soft-roller system for even media pressure and high-quality images.
  • Designed for high volume.
  • Low maintenance.

SmartLF Scan!

SmartLF Scan!

Ideal for On-Site scanning…
Graphic & Technical Drawings.

SmartLF Scan! A revolution in wide-format scanning.

  • The world's first truly portable wide format scanner requires no PC, software or peripherals to operate.
  • 24" & 36" supports up to A0 media.
  • Designed to support collaboration and sharing.
  • Scan to USB, internal memory or PC.
  • Use one-site to develop and share live projects. Expand your capablities.

SmartWorks Imaging

SmartWorks Imaging

SmartWorks Imaging
A faster performance with revised preset control, better printer drivers and a new multi-page thumbnail pop-out feature make SmartWorks Imaging the perfect productivity partner for SmartLF SCi and SmartLF SGi large format scanners

SmartWorks Pro


SmartWorks Pro
SmartWorks Pro v1.9.3.0 heralds the new single-page long PDF file format. Upgraded to allow scan in PDF beyond the usual 65,535 lines limitation, the new enhanced PDF writer builds a single page of PDF from multiple compressed images to give you wide and high resolution images right up to the 4GB limit.

SmartWorks Touch

SmartLF Scan!

SmarWorks Touch
All the functionality required is provided via an easy to use single touchscreen interface. The easiest way to manage multi-user "walk-in" large format scanning, copying and printing using your SCi, SGi, and especially a SmartLF SCi MFP scanner.


Thanks for visiting our COLORTRAC promotional web page.
Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd has a long history of selling wide format scanners from HOUSTON INSTRUMENTS, VIDAR and Colortrac.
This web site provides basic product details, contact information and purchasing information.

Please phone to discuss your interest or, if ready to purchase a COLORTRAC wide format scanner, please transfer to our primary web site, www.mandeno.co.nz. Follow the link below to complete a LOGIN. Include a valid email address to receive and reply to our confirmation email.
With LOGIN completed items can added to the shopping basket to process the choosen COLORTRAC scanner requirement. Our shopping basket supports ORDERS and QUOTATIONS for volume orders.

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PDF Files

Open Buyers Guide to MFP
Open SmartWorks Image PDF
Open SmartWorks Pro PDF
Open SmartWorks Touch PDF

An informative SmartLF SCi video(2min55sec)

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