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Welcome to Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd.

last updated:11/06/2019

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Posital Fraba, expertise that is quickly appreciated.

Great additions to our product range.
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Computer Peripherals

Specialised peripherals for Councils, Engineers and Architects, Quantity surveyors, Copy shops, Signwriters etc.
Our range includes wide format document scanners, book and document scanners and digitisers from 12x12 inch to 40x60 inch.

Sensors and Instrumentation

System products for 4 key markets:

  • Machine safety systems for upgrading plant and for OEM machinery makers.
  • Vehicle Management Sytems including CANBus sensors, keypads and display screens for off road vehicles and marine vessels. Our services in custom KeyPAD engraving.
  • VGA display drivers for large screen industrial and consumer applications.
  • A catalogue of items designed for MEDICAL Electronics.

Sensors and Sensor Instrumentation

For factories, researchers and field engineers we carry a wide range of ready to use measuring sensors, transducers and associated instrumentation. If you want to make a measurement there is a good chance we have already made it for another customer and if not, we will search for a solution that suits you.

OEM Sensors and Components

For manufacturers we offer a forever expanding range of essential production items including OEM sensors, switches, knobs, DC solenoids, reed switches. Many items are stocked and available for scheduled deliveries.

OEM Sensors generally require a housing and application specific electronic circuitry.
Sensors listed under "Sensors and Instrumentation" are packaged and ready to use with industry standardised outputs or user programmable outputs.

SIKO Draw Wire Actuators - click image to read our new summary page

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SIKO SGH10 + new models SGH25, SGH50 - huge international success

Click to open the new SGH series data sheet - includes new mounting ideas

SIKO 3 axis measurement

XYZ in one powerful package.If this system can support your venture please phone 09 630 7871

Sensor Instruments

The Genius in laser sensing and instrumentation.
Click the advert to transfer to Sensor Instruments. There is much to read and study!Click this advert to transfer to Sensor Instruments Colour Measurement

ELECCORE Electrical Cables

Australian made Electrical Cables comply with NZ & Australian standards.Click and open the PDF file from suppliers website (98MB)

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Australian and NZ customers order online

News and new products

PC Upgrade advice for COLORTRAC users.
COLORTRAC Windows 10 support PDF
View our latest products on the NEWS page
Open SNT Sensortechnik AG Ultrasonic Sensors application catalogue (850K, PDF File)
Driven by a passion to design application ready sensors, the 100 page TE Connectivity catalogue is a primary source of sensors solutions. Click to download from te.com (6.5mB, PDF File)

Quality demonstrations are one of our strengths.

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These products will impress

CRUZ high speed documents scanners.
Colortrac Wide Format Scanners

Grayhill CANBUS Keypads
Grayhill Sunlight Readable Vehicle Displays

SIKO ETC5000 Automatic Position formatting ~ the future of manufacturing automation

Sensor Instruments beautiful colour measurement solutions.
Elobau Ultrasonic distance sensors.

Listening to your dam, your foundations, your bridge?

Why not listen in silence?

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